La Giostra (The Carousel)

La Giostra

(The Carousel)

JUDGE (singing): Such is the rule: an eye for an eye. Only a fool waits for an exception.

The story of a one-way trip, with mates by force and not by choice; exceptions dominated by a single rule: the law is the same for everyone, but not everyone is equal for the law. We are all the Bearer, our actors tell us after reading the text of “Bertoldo” (THE EXCEPTION AND THE RULE of Bertolt Brecht).None of them want to be the Merchant or the Judge, to be exploited or to be the
exploiter, it is a matter of conscience. Then they show us the old abandoned push carousel in the avenue of the OPG that carousel is us, abandoned here, forgotten even by fate. You see it no longer turns. It is as immutable as the time that passes over our lives.

Exceptional lives that no “good society” can include in excessively generalising rules that are increasingly conceived for the good of the few and for the suffering survival of the many, far from the reality experienced by a large part of the community.Rules, which would require more and more tamed beasts ready to carry on their shoulders the baggage of civil injustice that these rules dictates. It ignores the diversity of individuals, diversity meant as wealth, whose consideration would bring the right counterbalance to the social measure, it would be a continuous opportunity for discussion and improvement. All too often, however, the rules are formulated and approved out of pure personal interest, disguised as the lie of the “common good”. Those who lives on the margins and do not belong to any “safe” social category, predictable, under control, find themselves alone and unarmed to cross a desert of distrust and suspicion, relegated to the archive of exceptions, catalogued locked up and forgotten. An exceptional crime not foreseen by the Rule.

TrailerFull-length Video

La Giostra (2009)

by TeatrInGestAzione, inspired by The exception and the rule by B. Brecht

directed by
Gesualdi | Trono

with the inmates of the State Prison for the Criminally Insane of Aversa (Italy)