Initially conceived as a conference; Stream is an intermedial artistic format that stages streams of thinking; soliloquies condensed in an acoustic and hypnotic space. The diachronic composition is divided into thematic meditations, involving authoritative and sensitive voices, invited to a dialogue deferred in a digital dimension.

We needed to create a space where we would welcome the authenticity of thought as it manifests itself between the lips, while words are still being grown in the mouth before rounding off into sound.

Its composition method is designed to avoid the illustrative approach typical of the conference, which usually gathers the experts’ speeches in a pre-constituted form that excludes the audience from the space for reflection.

Chosen a topic; identified the speakers with expertise; we share materials and ideas in a unique and singular exchange, during a private conversation. Then we ask speakers to record a soliloquy, in a single breath, which remains uncut. The words are transferred to a musician and composer who puts them into dialogue with sound. Words and music are then placed in a digital space, defined by a single colour processed in imperceptible variations. The operation consists of thematic cycles collected on these web pages.

Curated by

Gesualdi | Trono

Loretta Mesiti

First Round ~ Abitare Futuro

May 2020, as part of “Maggio dei Monumenti”, an event organised by the Department of Culture of the City of Naples.

~ 3 meditations with Isabella Bordoni (poet, artist, and independent curator), Pietro Gaglianò (art critic and independent curator), Dario Gentili (philosopher and Moral Philosophy professor at the University of Rome “Università Roma Tre), Renato Grieco (composer and musician).

The discourse becomes sound-matter, flows from one room to another one, designing the poetic habitat, and welcoming the viewer. The voices that were questioned about the theme of Abitare Futuro (“to inhabit the future”, ndt) are gifted in the form of a soliloquy, opening in front of us, the arising of thought. Today’s state of exception imposes itself as a starting point and marks a breaking point, not only in the dimension of time but in the way of making any possible representation of tomorrow and the visible. The body, the language, the forest are the images that point at the threshold where the query, in its continuous transfiguration, turns into a clearing, a home, an invitation.

To orient yourself, you have to listen, put on the headphones, switch to full-screen mode, look, sink into the colour and trust the “internal artificer that shapes matter, forming it from inside like a seed or root shooting forth and unfolding the trunk, from within the trunk thrusting out the boughs, from inside the boughs the derived branches, and unfurling buds from within these. From therein it forms, fashions and weaves, as with nerves, the leaves, flowers and fruits.” (G.Bruno, De la causa, principio et uno).

Words and voices
Isabella Bordoni
Pietro Gaglianò
Dario Gentili

Sound Dramaturgy
Renato Grieco

*Isabella Bordoni track
Andrea Laudante / Jacopo D’Amico

Translation from
italian curated by
Giovanna Lo Conte

>>>english voice transcription

On the 3rd of April of this year, a few weeks ago, in the middle of a pandemic, inside a world that we all recognised as infected for the Covid-19: the virus whom we owe – in this tragedy, in truth – the merit of having taken the responsibility of having uncovered a systematic illness of a capitalist society that allows the speculative monopoly of the wealth, that allows the profit of the war industry, that allows the reckless exploitation of the Earth natural resources… here on the 3rd of April, in the middle of the pandemic . . .

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>>>english voice transcription

The first thing I do when I have to deal with a topic that might be familiar, or not, is to engage with its etymology. I have always been convinced that no word is neuter and that inside the depth of words is possible to find their true meaning. There, we can find stories of men and women, whole countries and cultures, layered on top of each other, that enable words to be spongy and porous, capable of holding and spreading meanings that can move away from those that, at first sight, might seem the obvious ones. I remember that . . .

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>>>english voice transcription

The condition that we are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, whether this is phase 1, phase 2 or which other stages will await us… here, there is no doubt that the conditions of inhabiting are turned upside down. Indeed, we have been forced into inhabiting our house. If by inhabiting we mean living at home, inhabiting our own home, there where we define our individuality, our personality, and represents us, in some ways . . .

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