As part of the activities promoted by the Fondazione Morra within the spaces of Casa Morra Archivio d’Arte Contemporanea, TeatrInGestAzione, Gesualdi | Trono’s theater company, starts the Permanent Interdisciplinary Workshop of Theatre and Performing Arts, in collaboration with Lorenzo Mango, professor of the History of Modern and Contemporary Theater of the University of L’Orientale of Naples. The Permanent Workshop is an education and research project which includes various pedagogical activities during the year; it is part of a larger and more complex project which takes the name of C.R.A.S.I. – Centro Internazionale di Ricerche per le Arti della Scena (International Theatre and Performing Arts Research Center), in synergy with the Fondazione Morra. A place where TeatrInGestAzione experiments and explores the multiple dimensions of its work.

The Workshop includes a preliminary phase and three independent and parallel paths, starting from November 2018 until November 2019, interspersed with openings to the audience.
The primary path is based on standing periods of work, focused on the artistic practice of TeatrInGestAzione, led by Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono, and other members of the Co. The second punctuated by encounters, based on different theories and praxis, with experts of disciplines and studies that we consider complementary to the theatre (History, architecture, philosophy, economy). The third one includes several intensive pedagogic practices, welcoming visions from the contemporary international independent performing arts (directors, choreographers, performers).
C.R.A.S.I. is a place for a hybrid activity of research, training, creation, which can give rise to fruitful dialogue, proposing itself as an alternative of constancy, rigour and discipline, to lead participants to a preparation needed to cultivate artistic autonomy.

“The workshop is for us the time and place of mutual understanding, nourishment; the time of the honesty, of fragility; the place of the care, of training. Through it, we aim to build a kind of presence that is based on the agility of listening, on receive and reaction; an opportunity to acknowledge ourselves and give rise to a project in common, and maybe find that we can share a more extended time in the future.
Here at Casa Morra, TeatrInGestAzione will be a living body exhibited at work”.
(Gesualdi | Trono)


Permanent Interdisciplinary Workshop of Theatre and Performing Arts
Education and research project, practice and theory


Novembre 2018-19

In collaboration with Lorenzo Mango, professor of the History of Modern and Contemporary Theater of the University of L’Orientale of Naples.
As part of the activities promoted by the Fondazione Morra


Applications are open to students, actors, performers, dancers, professionals and non-professionals. Send us an email to express an interest or requests for participation.
You can apply as a practitioner or an auditor. Participation is free. Attendance is mandatory for practitioners.
A partial frequency is allowed for the auditors.

The invitation to visit us always remains open, to anyone who requests it at the following contacts.


+39 320 0304861 (whatsapp)

Led by Gesualdi / Trono
November 26th-30th, 2018
every day, from 11:00 am to 5:00 am
follows December 2018

The activities begin on 26 November 2018 with an open session lasting 5 days. An opportunity to meet and work together on the presence and the creation; a first approach to the principles underlying the poetics and artistic processes of TeatrInGestAzione. A free workshop led by Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono.

Led by Gesualdi / Trono
February 4th-June 2nd
follows July/November 2019
times to be set

Open to those who through previous experiences, feel the need to improve their autonomy as a performer and author. Being careful and rigorous, regularly training the stage presence, deepening the relationship dynamics, the dramaturgy and choral composition.
Each participant will be able to develop his/her own space of research, welcomed in a working context that enhances and encourages the individual path, becoming at the same time interpreter of a shared instance, of a diverse and multidimensional discourse. In our practice, movements, sounds, words, song, dance, speech, gesture, react, evoke and begin again, as in a score in which each voice is called to tune with the others, being simultaneously the bearer of its own melodic line, of its singularity.
We will dive into the depths of our body, to turn it exposed in a poetic deed. We will do everything possible to be alive, to mark our presence, to unearth that desire placed beyond the human way of feeling, in that inexplicable elsewhere where our best flowers grow. In that orchard of chances, potential actions empower the body on stage up to being keen and multi-directional, ready to embodies the vision that is at the base of an act of creation.
The participants will be trained to be able to compose a discourse always new, which does not interpret, does not repeat the obvious, but lives on stage as a source of questions, as a shared experience with the spectators.
A daily study on the extended body of the actor conceived as a place where creation happens. This body will experience the freedoms of the multi-dimensional geometric shape of its presence, everted, sped to the extreme consequences, pushed, extremized, trained to be dismembered to welcome the spectator in its folds, a body that displays itself as a landscape, walkable by the most alert eyes.

led by diverse Experts
December 2018 – November 2019

Starting from December 2018, until the end of November 2019, the primary path will be enriched by parallel sessions of studies. Teachers, researchers and guest artists will meet the participants sharing visions and practices.
We will begin with an architecture session applied to the theatre space, led by the Arch. Daniele Balzano, researcher and adjunct professor at DiARC (Architecture Department of University of Naples). We will continue with a series of sessions led by Salvatore Margiotta and Mimma Valentino, researchers, essayists, editors of Acting Archives Review, both collaborators of prof. Lorenzo Mango, chair of History of Modern and Contemporary Theatre of ‘L’Orientale’ of Naples.


Further sessions and encounters are being defined and will be communicated as soon as confirmed.