Bestiale Copernicana

Teatringestazione bestialecopernicana - foto V. Quintano

Bestiale Copernicana is a work disposed in different spaces and time: in theatre, domestic and outdoor spaces. Each one of these part offers an autonomous interpretation, and each part can be independent from the others.
We assume that the artistic action needed nowadays is not the gesture closing its own fate in the defined formal contour of a work, but the searching working act, in creation, in process, in dialogue, that frees from the meaning and provokes the audience to search and give a new sense. Calling the parameters of theatre space – time into question, we invocate a Copernican overturn of our way of inhabiting the common space – time. From the paradigm of representation in which the ACTION OF WHO IS REPRESENTING allows and approves my ABSENCE (“I watch you, letting you act in my own place”), to the paradigm of the shared presence, in which everyone is invited to BUILD his own stay, making his presence an ACT OF CREATION.
The work meditates on the “genetic” moment of the foundation, investigating the processes that in several fields of knowledge (science, philosophy, spirituality) originated the overturns, the subversions of our perceptions, causing the Copernican beastly visions that freed a new possibility to know ourselves as human beings and plan our acts.
#2.Bestiale Copernicana is the second movement of avVento, a multi-year project conceived as an “ideal space of foundation” gathering together several artists with the common assignment to contribute to the writing of a post-modern myth of foundation.


by TeatrInGestAzione
scenic itineraries – Gesualdi / Trono dramaturgic itineraries – Loretta Mesiti photographic itineraries – Valentina Quintano with Giovanni Trono, Alessia Mete
PRODUCTION 2014 TeatrInGestAzione
with the support of
PAN Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli (Napoli)
Ella Fiskum Danz R.E.D. (Norway) Trasparenze > residenze – Atelier della Scena Contemporanea (Modena)