Absolute Beginners


To cross boundaries. While crossing, to give them a new outline.

The work is rooted in the specific theme of boundaries. The political, physical, linguistic boundaries of identities that tend to their dissolution, to heal what is stranger and familiar in a new sign, bringing the sense of origin and the horizon that lies in front of the path of a new community that is to be founded.
Its scenic structure is given by the dismemberment of the elements composing a single landscape, in which the actors open unexpected poetical landscapes (built with essential materials), as very workers of the “vision”. The narrative synthe- sis is committed to the audience.
Fragments of bodies emerge from the amniotic fluidity of darkness that swallows up the boundaries. Their integrity was stolen but they are still able to act, they are still concentrated on building and searching a possibility to read their own condition and place their own existence.
#1.Absolute Beginners is the first movement of avVento, a multi-year project conceived as an “ideal space of foundation” gathering together several artists with the common assign- ment to contribute to the writing of a post-modern myth of foundation.

by TeatrInGestAzione
scenic itineraries – Gesualdi / Trono
dramaturgic itineraries – Loretta Mesiti
PRODUCTION 2012 TeatrInGestAzione
with the support of
MOVIN’UP a cura di Mibac e GAI
Insitut für Theater, Film und Medienwissenschaf der Goethe Universität; HessischTheaterakademie; Tanz der Künste; Frankfurt LAB (Frankfurt am Main)