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Roberto Corradino (ITA)

    Naked and simply anarchic

    production reggimento carri | teatro
    co production Dimora Fragile/Es.Terni Festival 2008
    with the support of Teatro Kismet 0.per.A (Bari)
    finalist of the 2007 Theatre Festival F.I.T. Lugano
    candidate to Ubu prize best actor 2008
    invited in TheaterEffen 2008, Berlin

    by “Richard II”, W.Shakespeare
    written and performed by Roberto Corradino

    translation Giulio Sonno
    special thanks to Max Shapira

    staging, lighting, overall view Vincent Longuemare
    photographer Laura Arlotti

    Act IV, scene I, King Richard II, by William Shakespeare. Richard Il, King of England, is going to be deposed. However, Richard is mainly a poet: he abdicates and let himself be deposed as a poet. He leaves the world and dies making use of his own words. He expands the action and breaks time as only a poet can do. Just one actor in fictional conference at the moment of the deposition, in the King’s holy body. The audience, like the Lords and Peers of England, waiting for the show of the King’s fall. “A great performance, without comfortable “aesthetic” complacency, and a shareable map of a politic cultural zeitgeist, remembering the manner of Carmelo Bene. A theatrical experience which worth to be measured in these days”

    Gianfranco Capitta, June 17, 2007 Il Manifesto


    Roberto Corradino & reggimento carri | teatro was born in October 2000 out of an idea by Roberto Corradino, actor and director, studying and working with Marco Martinelli/Ermanna Montanari (Teatro delle Albe/Ravenna), Mimmo Cuticchio, Cesare Ronconi (Teatro della Valdoca/Cesena), Maria Maglietta/Marco Baliani, Pippo Delbono, Federico Tiezzi/Sandro Lombardi, Eimuntas Nekrosius. reggimento carri | teatro works on contemporary dramaturgy in a long-term projects. We search the truth of actor, as singular or collective through the contemporary dramaturgy, trying to regain a theater show as a collective ritual, combining tradition and new languages in a simple and popular theater. reggimento carri | teatro staged Piaccainocchio, finalist at the “Premio Scenario Prize” in 2003; Perché ora affondo nel mio petto (Why I am now sinking in my chest) – 2005, taken from Pentesilea by von Kleist; La commedia al sangue (Raw comedy) – 2005, from the novel Di questa vita menzognera (Of this mendacious life) by Giuseppe Montesano, coproduced by the “Castel dei Mondi Festival”; Conferenza / Nudo e in semplice anarchia (Conference / Naked and in simple anarchy) coproduced by the “Es.Terni Festival 2008”, taken from Shakespeare’s Richard II. August 2009 saw the debut of Le Muse Orfane (The Orphan Muses) by M.M.Bouchard, coproduced by the “Castel dei Mondi Festival 2009” and “Officina Triangolo Scaleno Teatro/ Festival Teatri di vetro” 2009, the first in a trilogy on the family as a microcosm of social relations. In the 2011 produced Cuore (Heart. Like a drum in the night… from Edmondo De Amicis’ novel to the present day) for the 150° anniversary of Italy’s Unification (1861) with the patronage of Regione Puglia/Assessorato al Mediterraneo Cultura e Turismo and supported by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese in the context of the development actions of European Fund/P.O.R. FESR 2007 – 2013 for “Young theatre group” and Di cosa parliamo quando parliamo d’amore (What are we talking about when we talk about love), a staging project from Il paese lontano (The distant country) by Jean Luc Lagarce, supported by Teatro Kismet O.per.A., Alliance Francaise and Facè a facè/Words of France for Italian Scene 2011, in collaboration with PAV (Rome). Currently working on Cantiere Le braci/Project The Embers a project on the ancient greek tragedy and the mixed with contemporary material, autofictional writing and installative/performances. A tremendous project, a theatrical Bible dividided in seven chapters as the seven deadly sins about the sense of human earthlings and its presence on the Earth. In recent years he has been interested in participatory work with communities, from children to the elderly, in particular by linking creative work sites and site specific or renactment to the places crossed by the performances. From 2015 with Knownone or Roberto Corradino is dead, up to the projects with Altofest, Teatri di Bari / TeatroKismet OperA, up to the most recent works related to the theme of the holiday linked to tradition and the cycle of natural events, the performative forms have extended from the workshop tout court to the direct work on the territory with the communities of inhabitants. And therefore Skausche (Michele’s film), a hometheatre narration on the story of a young shepherd who committed suicide in the 70s, to CapuletiMontecchi zeroazero inspired by Romeo & Juliet, a workshop for boys from 6 to 13 years and for grandparents in the form of a football match for a square event, in which the whole city community is involved, up to the hometheatre works A steak by J.London (2017), Kankroukore or That night that my grandmother spoke like a crow (2016), Shakespearealacàrte (2016), sort of entertainment menu for pub audience, or the performances Come loose your dogs upon me (2017), a singing one person perfomance, or With foot on the ground walking performance for 15 spectators on the physical relationship with the ground and on the speciation of animal kingdoms, up to The only certain house (Altofest / Matera-Basilicata European Capital of Culture 2019) human traveling comedy for 25 spectators staged in a private house on personal memories and ancestral reconnection with the ancestors and the dead, inspired by Giordano Bruno and the theory of infinite worlds crossed with the personal story of the film Interstellar or Play the music Lucignolo / On all fear you like an itinerant alchemical work for 8 person, co-produced in 2021 with Verso Sud / Cultural ecosystem in the non-urban spaces of the Apulian countryside (Corato / Bari / Castel del Monte). The latest production, dramaturgically conceived for the spaces of a school building, focused on the educational model and on the self-fiction of an imaginary biography of the artist Pino Gelosi aka Pinocchio when from puppet he becomes human Diary of Pinocchio 20202065, winner of the Prize 2020, performance that invoveld the audience in the action.

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