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Park Keito (JPN – ESP)

    ph. Jesus Vilamajó


    Concept and creation: Park Keito
    Choreography and performance: Kotomi Nishiwaki
    Sound design: Miquel Casaponsa
    Lighting design: Jorge Dutor, Oriol Corral
    Scenography and video: Park Keito
    Costumes: Kahori Furukawa, Jorge Dutor
    Co-production: Antic Teatre i Grec Festival de Barcelona
    Collaboration/Support: La Poderosa, La Caldera, Altofest
    Artistic residence: La Poderosa, La Caldera, L’Estruch de Sabadell, Fabra i Coats, Teatringestazione
    Collaborators: La Poderosa and Jorge Dutor

    New(a)days is a woman on stage who goes through different states of empowerment and the relationship and symbiosis with nature. A set of scenes on communication, rituals, and transformation acts, to construct states and landscapes that range from pure contemplation to near-apocalyptic moments. A combination of presence and questioning about the possibilities of abstraction and poetry. Events that take place in crescendo ’to place the viewer within a journey where the perceptual experience of the body is evolving to open up an imaginative exchange.


    Park Keito is the association based in Barcelona, that brings together the work of Kotomi Nishiwaki and Miquel Casaponsa. Their stage pieces and installations play with the body, movement and sound as the main source of creation, using objects and other elements to compose and choreograph. Performances researching and experimenting with different poetics, intentions and states creating artificial landscapes, fiction, organic soundscapes and kinetic movement.
    Instagram: @park_keito
    FB: @parkkeito