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Enzo Mirone (ITA)

    Operina elettro-meccanica – Ho stretto i pugni e sono nato

    Texts, music and videos by Enzo Mirone

    Operina elettro-meccanica – Ho stretto I pugni e sono nato… is a little poem in music and video_fragments for electro_mechanical automations and resulting toys.

    Lame and fragile music, thin and melancholy tunes that I whistled and that have inhabited my little head for years. Some, so agile and swift were, I lost them, others I managed to grab them but I have nothing else left in my hands the tail, as when I was a child I went after lizards, in large part though I caught them and locked them up in this little shared time in which a child gives him eyes permanently wide with wonder and a large red collar meets with the man he has now become and, together, they play at this little opera.

    Operina elettro-meccanica – Ho stretto I pugni e sono nato… is the draft, in poetic form, of the first of three movements, of an imaginary autobiography in part really and intensely lived and, in part, still to be accomplished, therefore, to be hypothesized”.

    This is a work on persistence, a reflection on what remains of what is not there is more entrusted to the coexistence and interaction of different languages stripped down in use and intentionally reduced to their most basic form, through expressive means whose essentiality required a certain number of years to be fine-tuned.

    The dramaturgy of the performance, whose rigorous execution ensures the design of the sound lyric landscapes and composes the emotional architecture of the story, consists of a uninterrupted flow of music, sounds / noises, silences, voices / words, interference, distortions, images and fragments of images, actions / gestures that evoke, suggest and, on occasion, they invent more or less clear memories of a life that has now passed e the sensations associated with them.

    Among the sound devices used, talking toys, toy musical instruments (and not), old reel and cassette recorders, record players, megaphones, music boxes represent the “characters” the orchestration of whose voices / actions triggers and supports the narrative that it is articulated on different sensory levels.

    “… a love letter written by little hands from the bottom of a well, a man who, surprised by a summer storm, buries pains on the bank of a river, just a shadow waiting to leave clinging to a bunch of colored balloons, two who age dancing on the other side of life … “


    Actor, director, video maker and if necessary a musician. Whoever is willing to share his poetry and visions, encounters and is on edge through his main projects/workshops. Therefore it prompts you for ideas and to see them through by engaging, eternal passengers, few neighbours of crib/bench. The performance, of these, is the latest arrival.

    Fb: enz0_mir0ne
    Instagram: enz0_mir0ne