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Compagnia MENHIR (ITA)

    ph. Mariagrazia Proietto


    project by Giulio De Leo
    in close collaboration with Gabriella Catalano, Claudia Gesmundo, Erika Guastamacchia
    music by Moby
    guests of the project Vanessa Cokaric, Antonio Savoia
    technical collaboration and light design Antonio Longo
    project care and administration Marina Peschetola
    production Compagnia Menhir Danza
    in collaboration with MAT Laboratorio Urbano/Terlizzi (ITA), TEX Il Teatro dell’ExFadda/S. Vito dei Normanni (ITA), Albanian Public Theatre (ALB), HARPA Foudantion (ALB), Tirana Municipality (ALB) Tirana European Youth Capital 2022

    Cohesion, creation, research and innovation. This is not yet another production destined for a complex, difficult and evanescent market, but a process for the regeneration of artistic practice in the field of choreography. We feel the need to re-establish and regenerate our actions and our own collective, around what we will discover we still gather ourselves. The encounter with places, communities, experiences and cultures will be fundamental. We need to break the dividing line between stage and audience, overturning the rigid axiom of production and consumption, questioning the sustainability of acting. We are digging as archaeologists in our flesh, in our memories, in knowledge, to let emerge what influences our subconscious, our creativity and our being together. We collect the pieces of our humanity to put them back together, without hiding the suture margins, but pouring gold into them to highlight them and create unique pieces, to be proud of.


    Contemporary dance company, established in 2009 under the artistic direction of Giulio De Leo, based in Ruvo di Puglia – Metropolitan City of Bari, in Southern Italy. He has made several productions, training courses, international programming and audience engagement and dance promotion projects. GENESI, one of the latest creation by Giulio De Leo, was presented at Matera Capitale 2019 and invited in BIPOD 2021- Architecture of a ruined body – (FR / LB). Since 2017 Menhir has been responsible for the realisation of the dance activities of TALOS FESTIVAL and in 2020 he was a partner of Fondazione Fabbrica Europa in Florence for the realisation of CRISOL, creative processes, an internationalisation project, supported by Boarding Pass Plus II edition promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture. In 2021 the company founded “LE DANZATRICI en plein air”, contemporary dance festival supported by Italian Ministry of Culture – FUS 2022/24.
    Fb @compagniamenhir