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The Project

special edition – ABITARE FUTURO

created and curated by TeatrInGestAzione
artistic direction  –   Gesualdi / Trono
aramaturg  –  Loretta Mesiti

Altofest is conceived as a piece by its own, a theatre device, a performance in the form of a festival, which is engrafted into the socio-urban fabric in which it happens.

It is built with the participation of resident citizens, who host national and international artists in their own homes.

In Altofest contemporary live art and authors who experiment hybrid practices are welcomed. The houses become a space for artistic creation during two weeks of residence, and then they are open to the audience during the days of the festival. So the work of art breaks into everyday life, enabling the poetic part of existence to emerge. Altofest is a project of experimental sociality based on proximity, on the gift, on mutual care. This gives birth to a direct relationship between artist and resident citizen.

Altofest inaugurates a dialogue on the profound meaning of hospitality, giving rise to a process of human regeneration, blending together the intimate and public dimensions, providing a heterogeneous dimension between artists and citizens which tends at transcending roles, in favour of choral participation, an utter experience that generates “new relationships”.

It is not just about hosting a performance in one’s own home, but also what happens is that the daily presence of an artist contaminates the vision of those who live or cross the same space. The creative urgency of the artist blends in with the needs of his host, in a constant dialogue that redefines the work, but also the signs that compose it, as well as the inhabited space and the objects that define it as “familiar”.

The citizen who is involved in the project is not a user or recipient, but a structural and founding part of it and an active agent of the process. The hosting citizen takes care of the work of art and the artist, in turn, takes care of the host and his community.

The curatorial perspective that outlines the “fest” originates from meticulous attention to the one-to-one relationship between artist and donor, letting the generative potential of this encounter spread to the system of relationships within which everyone moves, infiltrating through the different layers of living.

Altofest was born in Naples in 2011, conceived and curated by TeatrInGestAzione, directed by Gesualdi | Trono, in dialogue with Loretta Mesiti.