ALTOFEST MALTA story ph. ©ValentinaQuintano

ph. Valentina Quintano

the Weekly Journal

The Weekly Journal, curated by OCr, is conceived as an “Aesthetic guideline” to the Festival for the audience, offering a theoretical perspective to approach and reflect on it. The Weekly Journal will be presented and distribute during Open Talks.

conducted by Silvio Impegnoso

" On The Dust Island "

A documentary film crossing by Altofest Malta 2018

Documenting the Altofest 2018 for Valletta 2018, the director Giuseppe Valentino tried to experience the festival from the Maltese point of view. The impact of Altofest that mixes with the Maltese culture. It is a clash? An invasion? What do these people want on our island? The documentary tries avoid answers.

Altofest Malta 2018, is a project that explored experimental sociality through contemporary live art. During Altofest, Maltese citizens hosted international artists in their houses, which then became venues that welcomed audiences to see diverse performances. The theme behind Altofest Malta 2018 was ‘Legendary People’. Altofest creates a unique opportunity for perceiving and living the relationship between citizens and the arts. The project deals with how art emerges from the community as a distinctive expression and becomes an instrument of social growth. A cultural project which inserts itself in the life of the city, directly involving its community, creates a new mythology where heroes are among its citizens. These heroes become ‘cultural heroes’, according to anthropologists, who influence the customs and traditions of the other citizens, and who bring innovation to the community while establishing a cultural identity.

filmed by
Giuseppe Valentino

produced by
Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture
TeatrInGestAzione | Altofest – International Contemporary Live Art

with the support of
Ambasciata Italiana a Malta – Istituto Italiano di Cultura La Valletta
Mactt Malta – Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade

On The Dust Island

Special thanks to the Board of Valletta 2018 Foundation, the Research Department, the Regional Coordinators, and all the V18 team all the Maltese residents involved as “Altofest Space Donors” and participants: Sue and David Laruka Mifsud; Frank O’neil; Alison and Kenneth Zammit Endrich; Darren Saliba Manager of the Majjistral Park; Fr Silvio and all the teaching staff of the St Paul’s Missionary College; President Joe Vella, Team Manager Neil Portelli, Coach Renzo Kerr-Cumbo, and al the players of the Mdina Knights FC; Gulina and Freddy Attard, and the residents of the Okkella Agius Flats; Sebastian and Giovanna Aquilina, & family; Elke and James Sghendo, & family; Camp Chief Scout leader Cedrid Salafia and the 1st Scout Group Hamrun; director Rev Fr Gigi Mallia, David Schembri and the kids of the St Joseph’s Home; Janice Caruana; Renny and Nina Desira, & Family; Katie Vella and Audrey Falzon; the team of the Body Medics Fitness Club, Annalise Seychell, Daryl and Alice Galea; dr. Philip and Chris Hadcroft; Joan and Joe Agius; Kevin Gauci & Family; Tony Terrible; James Buhagiar and Laura Gonzalez Gomez; Club Regatta Bormla, Alex Gatt and the president Evan Zingla; Jason Masini – FTZ Chairman and Petia Zasheva of the Splendid, the Imperial Band Club of Mellieha, Mary Grace Spiteri, George Cini, Pawlu Mizzi and Giuliana Barbaro-Sant.

All our gratefulness goes to all the persons who belong to the intercultural community #PEOPLEofALTOFEST since its 1st edition (2011): space donors, Artists, OCr Members, Staff, Volunteers, Culture Experts, Researchers, Audience, Journalists, Partners, Sponsor. Without them, Altofest could not exist.