ALTOFEST 2019 – 9th Edition
TO GIVE RISE TO a Human/Urban Regeneration

28th June > 7th July NAPOLI

Residency + Program

The program of Altofest is composed of finished and already debuted works. Works must be original. Subject, contents and themes of the proposals are free.
All works belong to the Live Arts field (theatre, dance, performance, and their cross-disciplinary declinations).
Amateur groups are excluded.

Artist will be invited to a residency to re-qualify their work, for five days. The work will be then open to the audience during the following five days.
The presence of the artist is required for the entire period of Altofest, for ten days.

Altofest ensures accommodation, subsistence, and a lump sum, follow the terms and conditions written in the regulation document, that you find beside the form online.



Altofest takes place in different areas of Naples, the program run five days, from 11:00 to midnight.

The spaces in which Altofest will take place may vary according to nature, dimensions. They may be indoors or outdoors. All the spaces of Altofest belong to the citizens involved whom either lives there or take personally care of them.
The program of Altofest is composed solely by a selection of original performances, that have already been completed and performed in front of an audience, create for a formal space. Subject and contents are free. Performances must belong to the field of Live Arts (theatre, dance, performances, and all interdisciplinary variations).
The performances are intertwined with public talks, coordinated by the OCr (Critique Panel), and meetings with international cultural experts, who are invited to participate in Texture (a platform for dialogue on action and projection of cultural practices and artistic visions). Artists, citizens and cultural experts are all invited to equally take part in these public moments of the debate, to share and discuss the questions that come out from the practices that the Fest triggers.

Curatorial approach

The Artistic Direction assigns the space to the artist, making sure to match the artistic work with the space donor citizen and his/her space, according to a unique dramaturgy tracing the several paths of Altofest as part of one play, for which the stage is the city.
In order to offer a further exchange of views, the Artistic Directors and the Dramaturg of Altofest plan a personal encounter with each artist, committing to analyse the work that took place during the residency.
The performances are selected through an international open call, spread worldwide. So that, the dramaturgy rise from a large number of proposals received.

Participation and program

All performances are free, but booking is compulsory.
The spaces hosting the performances of Altofest may vary in dimensions and can only welcome a small number of spectators. In order to make sure that all the citizens involved can participate, the artists will have to perform at least two times and possibly more, in agreement with the space donor and the artistic direction.
Altofest gives rise to space for sharing artistic practice, and questioning aesthetics, poetics and politics processes; It is an Observatory for new relations between art and citizens, for questioning the participatory art practices. Artists, therefore, are warmly invited to attend all the programmed works, to take part in all the activities planned by Altofest, involving the citizens as well. Artists are also invited to actively participate in the discussions opened by the Critique Panel and during the meetings with the international cultural experts, as well as leaving a written trace of their own experience.

Accommodation and Residency

Artists live and work in informal, domestic or daily spaces, and they are hosted by citizens “Space Donor” or residents who are part of the “Accommodation Network”.
Artists are involved for a total of 10 days which include the artist residency and the presentation of the performance to the audience.
Therefore, the presence of the artists is required for the entire period of Altofest, which is ten days. An active and immersive presence is necessary for the completion of the processes triggered by Altofest and is an essential part of the structure of Altofest.
Artists are required to question and re-qualify their work, taking into consideration the elements existing in the space.
During the period of residency, the artist has to involve the space donor in the process of analysing and re-elaborating the performance and keep the space donor informed about the process of re-writing the inhabited space. The experience got during the residency is shared with the audience, during the short discussions (moderate by OCr) that follow each performance.

Technical conditions

Altofest provides each artist with access to a web archive collecting pictures, dimensions, but also the limits of intervention imposed by the space donor citizen, and all the information regarding the assigned space.
Due to the domestic and private nature of the spaces, Altofest not provides any further technical support other than what is already existing in the assigned space.
If the artists need further technics or props, they have to take care of finding them and transporting them autonomously and at their expenses.
In any case, any technical intervention must be submitted to the agreement of the owners of the space in accordance with the artistic direction.


The creative processes are documented through photos and videos. The collected materials compose Altofest’s archive, remain the property of Altofest and may be used for researching and promotional purposes.



Altofest does not provide any support other than what is clearly stated in this document.

Altofest is an independent project, community-based. Altofest exists thanks to the members of TeatrInGestAzione, who give time, skills and money (to the extent of their possibilities). Thanks to the citizens, who give spaces and accommodation. Thanks to the artists, who share the time and space of their own work; thanks to volunteers; thanks to the participation of some ethical local realities; thanks to researchers; professionals; cultural experts; at the national and international level, who offer their skills and share their visions, intertwining them with those of Altofest.
From 2017 to 2019, the editions of Altofest are partially supported by Funder35/Fondazione con il Sud. The fund is meant to be used to structure the organisation, and therefore allows hiring two persons in the staff.

Altofest provides artists with

● € 500 as a lump sum for artistic residency. The amount is to be considered exclusively as a reimbursement of the expenses that the Artist will face during the artistic residency for the requalification process of the performance;
● The payment will be made by the end of December 2019, via bank transfer, once received the receipt/invoice (under no circumstances the payment will be made cash); Under no circumstances, the payment can be considered as a purchase of the performance;
● One daily meal voucher to be spent for lunch only at Altofest “Cucina Sociale” (social kitchen). The voucher is valid only on July 4th-5th-6th-7th 2019, at lunchtime;
● Free accommodation in one of the private domestic spaces belonging to “space donor” citizen, or to a member of the Accommodation Network composed of citizens, friends and supporters;
● The care for the relation between artists and space donors or accommodation donors;
● The care of all the possible connections between all the artists and the international cultural experts. For this reason, artists will be requested to send a synthetic file (including biography, statement, works in distribution). The materials will be collected in a digital catalogue and sent to the experts that will participate in Altofest;
● The promotion of performance through the website, social network, newsletter, printed and press-related materials;
● The promotion of the activities of the artists, through social media, with the #PEOPLEofALTOFEST hashtag; along the current year;
● Altofest cares for linguistic accessibility. All the communication is bilingual (ITA-ENG).

Artists commit themselves to respect the following conditions:

● Artists will commit themselves to be present for the whole duration of Altofest; from June 28th to July 7th 2019 included;
● Artists will commit themselves to perform at least two times;
● Artists relieve Altofest from the payment of social security contributions, insurance contributions and royalties (regarding the artists, as well as a third person);
● Artists commit themselves to use materials without copyright or to pay copyright royalties in case of using copyright-protected materials.

Altofest does not cover travel costs, but it cares for agreements with several Embassies and international cultural institutions that support artists’ mobility and host cultural operators (the Altofest has a 95% success rate for mobility support with countries with which it has an agreement). To learn more about our list of Partner Countries and to know
more about the possibility to cover the travel costs, please contact us by email. All the artists coming from a Country that has not yet signed an agreement with Altofest will receive an official invitation letter, in order to apply for international mobility funds.

Please Note:

Altofest reserves the right to change each one of the previous points of the regulation document, in case something would change by the date of the signature of the contract.