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My aesthetic vocation provides from the topic of my work which is
simplicity showing the everyday emotions and spaces as well as those
one which are unique and not so everyday life.



Entrambi architetti, nel loro lavoro coniugano l’interior design, la performing art e il video, producendo lavori che coinvolgono direttamente gli spettatori in relazione all’ambiente circostante. Una poetica concentrata sulla semplicità del mostrare gli spazi del nostro quotidiano che accolgono l’eccezionalità delle nostre uniche vite.


Un progetto basato sul principio della performance seriale, suddiviso in 3 diversi appuntamenti:

1- “Reality Show”; 2- “Magic Show”; 3-“Fashion Show”.
Un tentativo d’innesto della propria realtà quotidiana in un ambente estraneo, per creare un cortocircuito tra l’essere e l’apparire, il vedere e lo stare.

The SHOWS is project based on principle as serial performance art work. There are 3 performances

included in to serial SHOWS:

1- “Reality Show”20 min

2- “Magic Show”30 min

3-“Fashion Show” 30min

1- “Reality Show” is imagined like latterly getting in some others atmosphere in someone home. It

would be done by two performer bringing their own atmosphere coming in to someone apartment. The

sounds are recorded in the original living spaces of the performers (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom,..)and

played on the sounds in to all those spaces(kitchen, bathroom, bedroom,..) into new apartment which is

provided for this performance on the festival.

2-“Magic show” -The artist will be by the whole its body and hair and face colored in the same color

of the walls and floor of the space. The main goal is to show that day by day man is more and more

invisible unlike the dead things which are becoming his whole sense of life.

3-The main idea is visitors to watch the people on the streets as a Fashion show. That is imagine to

be realized in the coffees restaurants or any places in the ground floor in the main streets and squares

of the city.The visitors are setting in the window of the place of coffee or restaurant provided for this

performance an the music which is already on ,as usually everyday is already.

Sandra Bozic and Dragan Strunjas

Sandra Bozic is an architect from Belgrade,working as freelance architects. Her professional

work is based on interior design, architectural and art installations, video and performance art.

She participated numerous festivals of video and performance art, architectural competitions,

collaborated on exhibitions, projects and different installations and eco designs.

Artistic skills of Sandra, besides architecture are shown in other fields. She participated

international exhibitions, conferences and festivals with her projects, installations and

performance art. She realized several personal exhibitions.

It would be the experience from everyday life in the past 3years. The

people acting and way of living in the street of the cities as well as in

their homes or public spaces, coffees and city malls . Watching their

way and living my way made me a kind of unfit person for the spaces

and acting.According to that i become a person who is thinking about

rewriting spaces-the big one and the small ones and architecture and

landscapes and streets…My work in the end is a result of my own

assignment or a question.

Rewriting spaces is the topic which should probably make us all to ask

a question what is real and what is false? To stop and think as human

with all those emotions what we have done until now in the space of

the world. There is also a question what is the human goal for the

space of the earth and its “final architectural look” how to look like-is

there that kind of goal or all of the spaces are now accidentally there on

the earth and what will happen with the human nature emotions to the

end of that goal. Is it all which exits at this moment all that architecture

with all of us living in it actually a one big theater!