Research Community 2022

Research Community – Co.R

The Research Community (Co.R) is a permanent space of reflection and interdisciplinary research, structurally connected with Altofest, coordinated by Loretta Mesiti.

In the frame of the Co.R artists, researchers and scholars, bringing multiple perspectives and competencies, collaborate for the creation of “practices of reflection” and discussion spaces, with the aim to elaborate the aesthetic, poetic and political questions raised by the fest.

Thus the path of a choral discourse emerges and evolves together with Altofest.

The activities of the Research Community involve the Altofest´s community and are recorded in different text formats that are going to preserve the memory of the experiences, processes and relationships generated by Altofest.


The Journal

Conceived as an aesthetic guide that combines the theoretical approach with the programmed artistic proposals.

2022 Edition

Voice Over

Conversations with the artists curated by Rosa Coppola.
The conversations will be held at the Mental Health Center at via Santa Maria Antesaecula in the heart of the Sanità district. During a collective picnic, the Fest community will gather to listen to the aesthetic reflections that the artists will raise, analysing their work.  The conversation is open and broadcast via web radio.


Open Assembly with the Altofest community.