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Photographic Diary
by Vicky Solli

What possible photographic telling for Altofest?

I started looking into Altofest by accident and then playing more and more seriously. I discovered things about the world and myself, probed limits and boundaries, and realized that I can always question and challenge myself, especially with photography.
With each edition I learned that in the photographs of this crossing experience – personal and collective – the beauty of gestures and events, intuition and wonder coexist without ever nullifying each other, but also my fears, the smallest and greatest fragilities.
Altofest teaches about surrender. Welcoming is retreating, giving place to the other.
I always hope that each image can be a fragment for those who want to stop and look or remember, an infinitesimal part of a shared imaginary that is nourished step by step (at Altofest, you know, it is the movement that is public), an extra doorway for those who want to be part of it, a window in which one can look out, for those who are far away, but always “turned” with their gaze.
I hope that this tale in pictures can be for you, as it is for me at each edition, a world to explore, almost a cartography, a map of our experience.

To each of you, #peopleofaltofest, thank you.

Giorno I

Giorno II

Giorno III

Giorno IV

Giorno V

Video Diary
by Antonio Arte

One comes out of Altofest broken, physically and spiritually. I resolve to return prepared, I indulge in the time, the events, the encounters, the places, the words, the images of the town of Altofest. Each year I believe I have captured, through the camera, a part of the story of the poetic inhabitants of Altofest. In editing, I find that this is not the case, once again I am forced to glue the pieces together and redraw the boundaries, each year higher and higher toward the suspended city.

Il Foglio del Fest

the Fest Journal collects questions of an aesthetic nature open to the audience community, curated by Silvia Mei and Loretta Mesiti.

Visual Thinking
by Ilaria Garzillo

Agorà + Texture

Voice Over

Altofest 2022 Web Radio

by Marina Galzignato, Paola Silverii, Pina Lanna, Sofia Mbow, Enrico Voccia, Giovanni Passariello, Pippo Pirozzi

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