We are surrounded by words. One says “Give me your word” to make a pact; “I take your word for it” to show trust. Words contain the origins and principles of creation. To name is to create.
When they come to life on the tip of the tongue, clothing themselves in sound, words lift us up, defying gravity, and they lead our way. With tone, words become chants. If withheld, words thud down to the ground, drawing us with them. They swarm in the crowd. Resting on the white page they become legacy. Pronounced slowly they are blades, in the furnace of the mouth, beating, sharpened. In these times, hostile, abusive, unbridled words, left in free fall, lose weight, mass and measure.
When moving from plural to singular, “words” become “the Word”, a verb, therefore an action. The Word is one of the powers of the body, and is capable of moving us, together. The dramaturgy of Altofest 2018 takes the form of a “Poietico-Politico Commovimento”, a composition that moves us physically and aesthetically, that embodies the Word, cherished, then shared, exposed, declared, revealed, until it becomes space in discourse.

foto Vicky Solli, disegni Ilaria Garzillo e i contributi dei nostri spettatori