Platform for a dialogue between International operators on cultural practices and artistic visions of urban regeneration.

Make your actions reflect your words

Words declared, made public, are agents of change. They carry an inaugural energy, they do not simply serve storytelling, but, like the pieces of work they represent, they generate a “mutation of the context” in which they take place, “pointing towards an alternative sense distinct from common understanding, due to its singularity” (F. Guattari).

The 2018 edition of Altofest is devoted to space in discourse; thus, we would like to invite you to reflect here with us, on words that make the difference, words which better represent the projects we are taking care of, their relevance, their power of transmitting visions that lead us, and, beyond this, the urgency that drives us. These words allow us to make pacts, alliances, and to open dialogues.

These words are promises of the future, statements of commitment, calls to political action in art. These are the words defining time, method, space, context, resources and limits of intervention, strategic actions. During the roundtable, we will debate some of the words-action that have given life to processes of human/urban regeneration. Artistic and cultural actions often take root on the edge of consensus, never against it; they are a thorn in the side of the cultural system which is predominantly devoted to consumerism. We will try together to measure distances, to evaluate differences, to share risks and weaknesses, strengths, and common results. We will try to reconfigure the map of the cultural actions led by the organizations invited to the roundtable, in order to agree on a common discourse that might raise questions about the economic and political structures that rule our communities.

With the participation of:

Katja Somrak – Dance Theatre Ljubljana (Ljubljana, SI)
word: Perspective

Karine Decorne – Migrations (Wales, UK)
word: Transformation

Claudio Angelini – Ipercorpo (Forlì, IT)
word: Intempestivo

Serena Nesti – Open Houses e EX-ATR per il Comune di Forlì (Forlì, IT)
word: Discorso

Helene and Tommy Lawson – Collectif Art Mouv’ / Zone Libre (Bastia, FR-COR)
word: Trasversalità

Rita Sebestyen – Otherness Project (Helsingør, DK)
word: Research

Giovanna Maroccolo – Fusion Art Center (Padova, IT)
word: Generatività

Clemente Tafuri – Teatro Akropolis (Genova, IT)
word: Contronatura

Federica Rocchi – Ovest Lab (Modena, IT)
word: Intrapresa

Michelangelo Bellani – L’altra Mente Festival e Performing Santa Caterina – residenza artistica (Foligno, IT)
word: Luogo

Andrea Mochi Sismondi – Ateliersi (Bologna, IT)
word: Sì