A platform for a dialogue between International operators on cultural practices and artistic visions of urban regeneration.

The topic that will guide our dialogue is Arts as Spillover Effect.

The use of the term Spillover, literally “overflow”, is relatively recent in the context of culture, the Arts, and the creative industries. Is the process through which the artistic activity has an unexpected impact, not programmed, on the society, the economy, and on the same place where it happens. In this context we want to collect the experiences of our guests to create fertile visions through the dialogue.


Armando Brunini
CEO Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli


Prof. Fabio Borghese
Director Creactivitas

Anna Gesualdi
Co-Direction Altofest

Open discussion coordinated by

Silvia Mei
Coordinator Critical Panel of Altofest
Curator / Editor in chief “Culture Teatrali online“


Giuliana Barbaro-Sant (MT)
International Officer Valletta 2018 Foundation

Pawlu Mizzi (MT)
Programme Officer

Silvija Stipanov(HR)
Program Manager Ganz New Festival

Zoltán Gálovits (RO)
Artistic Consultant TESZT Euroregional Theatre – Festival Timișoara

Marie Kliiman (EE)
Main Organizer UIT Festival

Mikolaj Bielski (ES)
Director Adjunto Réplika Teatro

Claudio Bocci (IT)
Director Federculture

Andrea Viliani (IT)
Director Museum MADRE

Alison Driver (UK)
Arts Director, Relationships and Projects Manager British Council Italy

Franco Cappuccio (IT)
Arts Project Manager British Council Italy Director Salerno DOC Festival