Altofest receives the 2017-2018 EFFE Award

Altofest receives the 2017 / 2018 EFFE Award

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An International Jury presided over by Sir Jonathan Mills, composer and former Director of the Edinburgh International Festival, selected 6 of the most trend-setting European festivals from a pool of 715 which were recognised with the EFFE Label.

The EFFE International Jury members are: Sir Jonathan Mills (Chairman, EFFE International Jury – Australia, UK), Tamar Brüggeman (Co-Director, Wonderfeel – Netherlands), Peter Florence (Director, Hay Festivals – UK), Keng Sen Ong (Director, Singapore International Festival of Arts – Singapore), Haris Pašović (Theater director, Director East West Centre, Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina), Pawel Potoroczyn (CEO of University SWPS in Warsaw – Poland), Renato Quaglia (General Manager, FOQUS Foundation – Italy), Irene Rossi (Couleur Café – Belgium), Fruzsina Szép (Director, Lollapalooza Berlin and Board member, Yourope – Hungary).

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