Sara De Jesus Bento (PT)


Film in residency


9 – 10 july from 6:30pm to 7:30pm
IN PROGRES / Film in Residency 
SERENDIPITY SWAP & SHOP , via Santa Chiara, 36 / 37

11 july from 10:00pm to 11:00pm
SERENDIPITY SWAP & SHOP , via Santa Chiara, 36 / 37

Film, sense, stranger eye, familiar eye, landscape, memories

sara de jesus bento altofest

Through my projects I am exploring the notion of  “space” and the people in its environment.
When we are in a foreign country or listen a story by someone, sometimes the landscape and the story looks and sounds familiar to us because they remind us sensations, smell and pictures as if there was a common story. My approach is to create a film in a poetic and sensitive way closed to docu-fiction and experimental video . Characters and landscapes as a guideline, a story, a memory to make visible the relationship between the subject and its environment. I would like to collect some memories, anecdotes “to give rise to” an experience , filming the landscapes in relation with it.

a question to share with the audience
How can we feel a space according to its  traces, ruins and architecture and what kind of interaction exists for the director, the subject and the viewer? How do we see the space with a stranger eye and how is it perceived by the one who lives and knows it?

Sara De Jesus Bento (PT)
I am a French-Portuguese artist, photographer and filmmaker.
After studying at the School of Fine Arts of Le Mans and a Fine Arts degree at the University of Paris 8. I continued my photographic research at Taik, Helsinki (Finland) and graduated at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris (ENSAD) in photography and video. My works were exhibited in collective projects and festivals.