Hui Chun Chen (NL / TW)


Community’s Action Project


8 – 9 – 10 – 11 july from 11:30am to 1:30pm
INVISIBLE ROUTE / Community’s Action Project
Associazione Fantasmatica, via San Nicola al Nilo, 5 b

Mapping the spaces with imaginary, illusion, delusion and history.


Invisible route is a map in transition that will be created by a community that lives in the area of Alto Fest. The citizens are empowered to create, share their stories of the place they live. These stories, through everyday life experiences in Naples, with imagination, illusion, delusion, gossip, history and news, it wants to give cities a hint of what could be changed, what it is valuable or not acceptable. At the end of the Fest the map at now and here will compose fictions and truth, and will be the tool for provoking conversation between people, turning the Alto Fest into a stage of exchanging ideas and future views of the city.

a question to share with the audience
How fictions and stories of spaces reshape, relate citizens to the next vision of the city?

Hui Chun Chen (NL / TW)
I am a multidisciplinary designer born in Taiwan, graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven, Social Design and based in Netherlands now. Paying great attention to the cultural field, I look for new ways to engage with society. I collaborated with local partner in Taiwan, Belgium, and Latvia. I then create future scenarios to empower people with tools and stimulate further action in order to transform their reality. In year 2015, I was prized with “Made Talent” in the Netherland.