Una camminata ad occhi chiusi attraverso una serie di memorie sfuggenti
Performance itinerante per una/o spettatrice/ore.
Una passeggiata ad occhi chiusi, in cui il singolo spettatore viene accompagnato dalla voce dell‘artista in un viaggio onirico attraverso i rumori, le storie, i bisbiglii, le memorie racchiuse nel luogo che sta visitando. La narrazione dell‘artista si basa sulle interviste svolte con la popolazione locale, sullo studio psicogeografico del sito e l‘interpretazione creativa del paesaggio, assumendo talora il carattere dell‘osservazione, talora quello di conversazione, ricordo o indagine filosofica. Lo spettatore sovrappone alla narrazione, le percezioni, i suoni, gli odori del luogo che sta attraversando ad occhi chiusi ed elabora in maniera creativa la propria visualizzazione del percorso svolto.

Investigates how the users of a site can explore their locale through a new sensorial experience.
The work is a blindfolded walk where a single participant is taken for twenty minutes on a narrated journey. Guided by the artist, the participant is encouraged to delve into a waking dream following a course through the chosen site, encountering the peoples, stories, rumours, and whispers that inhabit the surrounding architecture.
The narrative is a combination of observations, conversations, memories and philosophical enquiries all inspired by interviews with local people, psychogeographic studies of the site and creative interpretations of the locale. The participant on this narrated walking tour examines their surroundings by creating interior visualizations based on their movement through the space. The world they create is influenced by the sounds and smells that come from the environment as well as introduced by the performance, as the sensory quality of walking and touching identifies textures, objects, barriers and corners in an invisible landscape.
Is they city what it seems? What happens when we stop taking it for granted and put ourselves in the vulnerable position of using our imagination publicly?


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produrre esperienze percettive inedite, capaci di riattivare un rapporto immaginativo con la realtà
[/wptab] [wptab name=’ARTIST STATEMENT’] My work manifests itself primarily through live art / performance, which includes elements of video and
installation art. I explore themes of the body politic, in particular I am interested in the individual as a singular
in the larger network of the social system. Themes that interest me are desire, altruism, control, power,
violence, and ritual. How these strands are found in our social systems and the cultural ways in which we
respond the challenges in our social system are the elements that inform the actions I create. My work is
interested in spoken language and the written text as a form and function. This is always integrated in an
environment that takes into consideration the total sensory experience of time-based media. Sound, lighting,
smell are as central as the visual. With a focus on interaction, my work always includes the audience as an
active participant in the work, an essential component whose presence is the piece. Due to this, I prefer the
intimate encounter of a singular participant, or small audience in order to create the right dynamic of
exchange. Theoretically I am influenced by relational and dialogical aesthetics, as well as sociology and
anthropology. This all converges with my sense of home across many continents.
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Working internationally and collaboratively with many different people in: Chile, Colombia, Brasil UK, Italia,
France, Ghana, Lebanon, Australia. Living through the dictatorship of Pinochet in Chile, 911 and Bush in
America and now in the UK inform my politics Being Latin American abroad, calling many places home like
Bourriaud’s Radicant alter-modern Receiving a PhD in Applied Live Art.

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Artists: Francis Alÿs Allen Kaprow Frenchmottershead C.R. Garoian Tim Etchells Suzanne Lacy James
Thompson John Cage Janet Cardiff Brian Catling Guillermo Gomez Peña Claes Oldenburg Fiona Templeton
Writers: Claire Bishop Agusto Boal Nicolas Bourriaud David Davies Paolo Freire W.H. Goodenough Lorca
Garcia Marquez

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